Waste management is the prevention, monitoring, handling and the residual disposition of MSW (Mixed Solid Waste).

The planet is drowning in trash

The world is drowning from trash and the Waste generation rates are increasing day by day.

The escalating Climate Crisis and global Warming is drawing attention towards green technology to completely contain the Waste.

Transformation of waste through means like incineration and landfill can only add more flames to the current situation.

Unless eco friendly and sustainable waste management solutions are introduced, India is going to face great problems and damages in the near future.

Eco Bean Plasma technology of waste management can destroy the MSW completely without any toxic emission. Decentralised waste management with green technologies once introduced across India, we can achieve NET ZERO and can save the earth and the life.

Badarudheen Mohamed

World needs to realize it's time for cleaning this planet, else we will not have a any more home its already late. The planet's biodiversity to recover from the damage we made will take more time let us start the cleaning now.


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