Waste management is the prevention, monitoring, handling and the residual disposition of MSW (Mixed Solid Waste).

Legacy wastes are the wastes that are collected and kept for years at a barren land as landfill.It then becomes a breeding ground for pathogens, flies and generate leachate that risks the earth and the life. To desist from these challenges, we need to stop the flow of daily waste to dumping grounds by destructing the waste at the source and we also need to destroy the “Legacy Waste of neglect” which resulted in garbage heaps at dumpsites and landfills. Waste must be properly and completely destroyed for conversion of dumping yards to clean landscapes. We need SOPs and guidelines to achieve this. The huge land area occupied by landfill once cleared from waste and converted to other useful purposes can itself compensate the cost involved in clearing such huge dump site.

Badarudheen Mohamed

World needs to realize it's time for cleaning this planet, else we will not have a any more home its already late. The planet's biodiversity to recover from the damage we made will take more time let us start the cleaning now.


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