Waste management is the prevention, monitoring, handling and the residual disposition of MSW (Mixed Solid Waste).

Incinerators a carcinogen

The more emissions that we produce from Incinerators, the more we develop cancer, birth defects and other infectious diseases. Toxic waste contaminate Water, Soil and the Air. Humans, other species and the entire ecosystem is in big danger. It is also contributing significantly to Global warming. All across India, incinerators are used knowingly or unknowingly. It poses a significant threat to public health and environment. Above all, 25% of the trash remains as residual that still require landfill and this residual product contains toxin like Dioxins which will be harmful for generations to come. Hence the method associated with incinerations and deep burial are not at all advised in Waste Management. It’s high time to come out of incinerator and other unhealthy waste management practices.

Badarudheen Mohamed

World needs to realize it's time for cleaning this planet, else we will not have a any more home its already late. The planet's biodiversity to recover from the damage we made will take more time let us start the cleaning now.


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